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Escape Game Voucher

There is no better gift than a unique experience!

Surprise your loved ones with one of our vouchers. No matter whether young or old, partner or best friend, colleague or neighbour – everyone enjoys a trip to another world. With our beautifully designed vouchers you don’t just gift an escape game – you are giving the promise of an adventure game with excitement, adrenaline and pure puzzle fun. You are taking the presentee into another world far beyond imagination. Such an experience is very special and will stay in people’s heads for a long time. And you will experience all of this with your individually assembled team of creative thinkers. 


Our vouchers can be redeemed quickly and flexibly. The value of your voucher is independent of the actual group size. You simply pay the game price online or in our store by using your voucher. Of course it’s no problem if there is a remaining amount to pay afterwards. More people can always play for an extra charge up to the capacity limits of the room. If a balance remains on the voucher you can easily use it for your next booking. 


You cannot buy vouchers in our store. However, you can have your voucher printed in a fancy format at our shop. Just come by and show us your voucher number!

We hope you enjoy giving them away!