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Pause of the game operation from 02.11.20-10.01.21

Dear Final Escaper,

the game operation of our Live Escape and Outdoor Games will unfortunately be paused in the time from 02.11. to 10.01.2021. due to the decided measures regarding the Corona Virus. If you still want to experience exciting adventures, you are welcome to play our Audio Escape Game!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon,

Your Final Escape Team in Berlin


Escape Games
2-3 players 85 €
4 players 110 €
5 players 135 €*
6 players 160 €*

Outdoor Games
2-4 players 90 €
5 players 110 €
6 players 130 €

*(not bookable at all games)


Dear customers, we rely on contactless payments. In our store you can only pay with EC or credit card. Please understand that we can no longer accept cash payments.

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