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Robot Paranoia

Live Escape Game Robot Paranoia

We write the year 2099..

Mankind has taken artificial intelligence too far and is now at war with the machines. Because of their intellectual and physical superiority, robots have already managed to imprison and oppress numerous civilians.

But there is still hope for the human species: a movement of resistance fighters has formed underground in the big city, refusing to obey the machines and fighting for freedom and human rights. You too have joined the rebels. You can feel it; the revolution is within your grasp!

But then things turn out differently than planned: it seems that the robots have gotten wind of your little shelter in the eastern part of the city and are already on their way to clear the area. You have to get to safety at the central base as fast as possible! In small groups, the smuggler leads you out of the hideout but from there on, you’re on your own. To make matters worse, there are only 60 minutes left until curfew, when all access to buildings and streets will be closed and citizens will no longer be allowed to move around in the streets.

Will you make it to the safe zone in the city center within one hour, or will your biomass end up in the energy tanks of the machines?

Team size

2-6 players

Maximal duration

60 minutes



Helpful skills

Technical understanding

Minimum age

16 years without parents • 14 years with parents


from 90€

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