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Bloody Awakening

Bloody Awakening

Not for the faint of heart!

The abandoned Lichtenstadt clinics on the outskirts of the city have always been a topic of conversation. Many years ago, they were visited by numerous patients who trusted in the not always conventional methods of Dr. George A . Raimi. Many of them had long been treated as hopeless cases by other doctors and saw in the doctor their last chance for a cure. But scandals rocked the clinics in Lichtenstadt and resulted in their closure some time ago.

Since then, it has been quiet around Dr Raimi. There are rumours that he did not take the closure of the clinic well, as he had to stop his research and discontinue his experimental treatment methods.

Decades later, a small group of Urban Explorers sets out to the clinic to uncover the secrets of this special place. The old building looks abandoned, the windows weathered, the technology hopelessly outdated. But suddenly they hear a noise – were they footsteps? And why can’t the front door be opened anymore? You get the feeling that you are not completely alone after all…

Team size

3-6 players

Maximum duration

60 minutes



Helpful skills

Courage, Team spirit

Minimum age

16 years


from 115€

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