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The Gallerist

Find the lost artwork

A few years ago, 3 out of 4 versions of a well-known work of art were stolen from the Norwegian National Gallery. Despite intensive investigations so far only 2 could be secured, the 3rd remains missing. But now there is a hint that leads to a gallery in Berlin. This is an insider tip for art lovers. In addition to the exhibited exhibits, there are a few more surprises in the gallery. One of your accomplices distracts the gallery owner, another waits in the escape car. You and the rest of your team have exactly 60 minutes to search for the stolen artwork.

Team size

3-6 players

Maximum duration

60 minutes


very hard

Helpful skills

Logical thinking

Minimum age

16 years without parents • 14 years with parents


3 players = 79 € | 4 = 99 € | 5 = 119 € | 6 = 139 €

Live Escape Room
Live Escape Room

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Best escape times

38:45 Minuten

— am 25.09.2016

46:08 Minuten

— am 15.09.2016

47:22 Minuten

— am 18.09.2016

The Story