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School classes

Team building for school classes

For heroes and adventurers

The hiking day is coming up and you want to experience something different than always the same boring excursions? Then come to us and enter the gates into another world. Reveal the secret of the dead monks? A no brainer for you! Help the captain escape from his cabin? Nothing for you! Escape the clutches of the puppeteer? Bring on the challenges! All students aged 10 and over are guaranteed to have fun in our immersive adventures. Regardless of which adventure you choose, you need to work together and have fun puzzling in order to successfully escape from your escape game. Only those who help each other can escape from the rooms. Each of you should bring different skills to complete the team. Attention to the smallest detail, logical linking of contexts, creativity – only true adventurers with team spirit and skill can escape in our lavishly designed Escape Rooms. Up to 50 players can be seated in our Exit Rooms at the same time.

Call us today or write an email and we will plan the perfect event for you.

The special student rate is 18€ per person!