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Secret of the Dead Monks

Live Escape Game – Secret of the Dead Monks

Welcome to medieval Italy…

Near a small town there have been found four dead monks in an old abbey. All of them had black fingertips and tongues. The people living in the town got really scared and thought that the devil might find his way into their homes. They cruelly tortured monks of the abbey and burned lonesome women as witches. As you were coming past this town you’ve heard of the rumors and decided to take a closer look. You don’t believe in such things as the devil. But it can’t be just a coincidence that the four dead monks were found in the chamber of the priest.
You are sure – it has to be a murder. When all monks are in the chapel to pray you take a chance to get into the highest tower of the abbey to start your investigation. Can you expose the murderer?

Team size

2-6 players

Maximum duration

60 minutes



Helpful skills

Logical Thinking

Minimum age

14 years without parents • 10 years with parents


from 90€

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