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Finding a solution together

Teams don’t work on their own. They need shared experiences, hurdles that they had to overcome in order to grow together and thus achieve the best results. If you no longer want you and your colleagues to be just a group, but a dynamic team, then an escape game is just right for you! You can only find the solution if you really work together and sometimes hand over the scepter to look at the problem from different angles. For this purpose, up to 30 people can be accommodated in our escape rooms at the same time or you can organize yourself in several rounds one after the other.

Or we can come to you and transform your premises into an escape room. We are happy to freshen up your conference with our mobile games!

Feel free to contact us by phone or email and plan your individual event!


For a particularly safe gaming experience:

  • Distance requirement in the entire branch
  • Mouth and nose protection must be worn outside of the play areas
  • Playgroups are alone in the lounge and never meet other playgroups
  • The Escape Games will only be played in the booked constellation
  • Disinfection of play areas and ventilation between games
  • Disinfectant station when entering and leaving the branch

Our trained and experienced staff is looking forward to exciting adventures with you!

Are you interested in a digital team event? Then here you can find out more about our audio escape games as an exciting team building measure!