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The Nightmare

Live Escape Game – The Nightmare

A serial killer is going around..

It all started with children going missing without a trace, and now so are your friends! One after another, they disappear in mysterious ways. You want to get to the bottom of this and soon find yourself in a hopeless situation. You’ve gotten too close to the evil…

In a horrible nightmare, you meet Freddy Krüger and decide to put an end to his doings once and for all.

You muster all your courage and plunge into Freddy’s world under hypnosis – right into his next victim’s nightmare!
You only have one hour to find Freddy and burn his bones. If you fail, you will be his next victims!

But be careful, because dark forces are at work in Freddy Krüger’s world. All wounds or injuries you suffer inside the dream are transferred to the real world. If you die, your souls will be in the hands of Frederick Charles Krüger…


Team size

2-6 player

Maximum duration

60 minutes



Helpful skills


Minimum age

16 years


from 90€

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