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The Puppeteer

Live Escape Game – The Puppeteer

Escape the evil puppeteer!

Once upon a time there was a puppeteer, who traveled through the country but he wasn’t that successful. He was only just able to stay afloat until he met a speaking puppet. He was able to persuade it to perform with him and with it’s help he finally could live a life in the lap of luxury. But destiny was not well disposed for him and the puppet disappeared with all the money they made together. The desperation was huge, so the puppeteer tried to build a speaking puppet by himself, but all efforts seemed in vain.

Despair became madness and the once-so-friendly puppeteer made a not-so-friendly plan – instead of trying to breathe life into a lifeless puppet, he could take real humans and make puppets out of them.

So he settled in Kiel, the place of his last show, to look for suitable victims.

It didn’t take that long and the first spectators which entered the puppeteers theater were never seen again …

Team size

2-6 player

Maximum duration

60 minutes



Helpful skills

Skill & Adventurousness

Minimum age

16 years without parents • 10 years with parents


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