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Next generation escape games

2-6 players
60 minutes
2-6 players
60 minutes
2-6 players
60 minutes
intermediate - hard
2-6 players
60 minutes
intermediate - hard

Final Escape Nürnberg

Next generation escape games

Welcome to Final Escape Nürnberg, the escape game universe. Located near the castle, right on the main road to the city centre, you will find Nuremberg’s first escape room of generation 2.0.
Exciting and newly designed live escape games are waiting for you here. Our elaborately designed rooms take you to a whole new world for 60 minutes, in which there is no sense of time. Everyday life is left behind on the doorstep of our adventure rooms. No more tedious searching for keys and locks in a plain living room atmosphere. Our 2.0 exit games offer authentic scenarios created by film experts down to the last detail. We have adapted all of our many puzzles and tasks specifically to the respective theme. Both beginners and professionals get their money’s worth in our escape rooms!
You can easily reach us by subway, tram or car. We can proudly offer you 8 parking spaces in our backyard.

The door falls into the lock – now you are alone – all on your own…
You and your team have yourselves voluntarily locked up in a mysterious room. You have a clear goal in mind: to escape within 60 minutes. Anything in this exit room could help you escape: hidden clues, acoustic signals, codes or bizarre signs on the wall… Work as a team and experience thrilling and breathtaking 60 minutes – it’s as if you were in a movie where you alone determine the end of the story.
Of course, newcomers are also welcome to get to know this innovative, challenging and absolutely fascinating leisure activity. The games can be played in German or English. Our escape rooms do not require any specific skills other than a keen mind and joy in puzzling, playing, experimenting and teamwork. The games are played in teams of 2 – 6 persons. Your personal Game Master will introduce you to the game and off you go:
60 minutes of searching, discovering, trying out, combining, assembling, interacting and lots of adrenaline can begin!
In our stylish lounge area you can enjoy a cold drink before or after your experience. Together with your Game Master you can look back on your quest or plan your next mission in our live adventure game.

Authentic scenery

Decorators and set designers design our escape rooms with a lot of attention to detail. This way you’ll dive deep into the realistic scenarios

Fully integrated technology

As if by magic, a secret passage opens or a hint appears: all our escape rooms are fully automated and packed with stunning puzzles

Various degrees of difficulty

No matter if beginner or experienced escape gamer: with us, anyone will have their fun as we have harder as well as more simple games

Tested for safety

Our games are regularly being checked and maintained. That’s why all applications run smoothly

Customer reviews

  • review rating 5  I've been to a few escape rooms over the past year in Berlin and this one has been my favorite so far. I've completed three challenges here: robot paranoia, prison break, and the gallerist. all three had innovative sets and surprises. All three were fun to complete but still challenging.

    thumb Khari Slaughter
  • review rating 4  Fun if a bit arbitrary

    thumb Tim Becker
  • review rating 5  The rooms are very well designed (at least the two I solved so far), with lots of flavour elements. The puzzles are imaginative and don't rely overmuch on classics like combination locks or hidden keys. The staff is friendly and competent. The only thing I miss is some kind of offical record of our performance (Number of Game Master hints needed, time left on the clock, that kind of thing).

    thumb Martin Karsten
  • review rating 5  Excellent fun for a small group, friendly staff, immersive story and well designed games, what more could be asked?

    thumb Ryan Adam
  • review rating 5  Played their Prison Game. It was like being in a real prison in the 60s! The things we had to do to escape were fairly realistic rather than puzzles from a book. Lots of fun and our host Katherina was lovely, helping us along through the game well.

    thumb Sharan Gill

Mobile games

We happily take our adventure game to your company, to the venue or to your home. We can set up our nifty quests on site throughout Berlin.

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