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Prices & Booking

All available dates in Lübeck

Short term bookings:

For short-term bookings, please call us so we can arrange an appointment. Short-term bookings cannot be cancelled.
If you have booked online, you should receive a confirmation and further information via e-mail. When this is not the case, please call us so we can fix that.

Large group events:

Whether team event or christmas party, we are happy to organize any event.
Groups with more than 6 players can either play our escape games in parallel, or in different slots in a row. We will gladly organize a finger food catering if you want.

It is also possible to reserve our lounge exclusively for your celebrations.

To talk about details we would kindly ask you to contact us.

Please write us an email or call us: 0451 92993275.


After booking online you’ll get a confirmation email for your game. If you did not receive an email, please also check your spam folder. In case of any problem, please contact us via email or telephone.


Escape Games
2-3 players 85 €
4 players 110 €
5 players 135 €
6 players 160 €

Outdoor Games
2-4 players 90 €
5 players 110 €
6 players 130 €

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