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The Magic Portal

The Queen of Light calls upon the inhabitants of the human world to collect important crystals and defend her empire. However, the Portal Guardians will not make it easy for you. The Empire of Light needs your support to secure all crystals and defeat the darkness. May the Light protect you!

Final Escape sends you on an exciting city rally with “The Magic Portal”. Experience your personal fairytale adventure and defeat the darkness in this outdoor escape game in Wuppertal. This outdoor activity is played with iPads and takes you through Wuppertal.

Will you rise to the challenge and fulfill this extremely important mission?

In Kooperation mit Cluetivity


3-7 players

Maximum duration

90 minutes



Helpful skills

Heroic, adventurous and spiteful

Minimum age

from 8 years - accompanied by an adult. This game was designed for kids.


3 Players 90 €, each additional player 20 €

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