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The executioner

Wuppertal in year 1396

You and your team are awakening in the power of dark forces – handcuffed on hands and feet, the guard leaves you in an underground dungeon to summon the hangman. In one hour begins the ancient ritual of a secret brotherhood that has always demanded human sacrifice.

Free yourself from the dungeon before one of you becomes the next victim. Every passing second brings you closer to freedom … or even to the executioner.

One Team – one Mission – 60 Minutes


2-6 Player

Maximum duration

60 Minutes



Helpful skills

Courage, physical fitness, adventurousness, no straw allergy, no fear in confined spaces

Minimum age

16 years without parents • 14 years with parents


2 Player each 34,50 | 3 Player each 27,50 | 4 Player each 25,50 | 5 Player each 23,50 | 6 Player each 22,50

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