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Operation Mindfall

Outdoor-Escape Game

A former, secret research project of the US military supplies humanity. In the 1950s, it was launched under the name “MK Ultra” to control the human mind and create a great super weapon. Was this officially released in the 1970s? Unofficially, the cover company “Spider Technologies” carried out the project and the research. The company provides a global virus that infiltrates the human brain and provides control over the human mind. The virus was fed into the global groundwater system. 20% of the world population is already infected. The currently dormant virus can be activated via an audio signal.

To stop “Spider Tech”, “Operation Mindfall” was launched. But time is running out because the virus is about to be activated soon. The city of Wuppertal should become the next goal of activation. You are recruited as agents in the team and the task of averting disaster and saving the city and the end of the world.

Final Escape sends you on an ambitious city rally with “Operation Mindfall”. Experience the personal advice and get to know the city adventure in Wuppertal. This outdoor activity becomes an outdoor escape game with the iPads and other technical highlights and runs through the city center.

IMPORTANT: Outdoor-Escape Games can also be booked at other times than the times stated in the online booking. The start time can be set seven days a week from 09:00 to 20:00. AND it is possible that larger groups of up to 24 people participate at the same time. In this case 3 groups of up to 8 players each will be formed to play the same adventure, but on slightly different routes.

Are you rising to the challenge and will you accomplish this extremely important mission?

In cooperation with Cluetivity


3-8 players

Maximum duration

180 minutes



Helpful skills

Heroic, adventurous and spiteful

Minimum age

14 years - accompanied by an adult


3 Player 90 €, each additional player 20 €

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