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Alcatraz Room 1 // Prison Break

Attention: Alcatraz # 1 and # 2 are the same game.
The two rooms can be booked individually or together – here then two teams can play in battle mode against each other.

Alcatraz – 1958

San Francisco in the 1960s. The most notorious high-security prison in the USA was considered to be escape-proof. Rumour has it, however, that one prisoner, who had been unjustly convicted, has actually succeeded in escaping from his cell and from the prison. This rumour is persistent, yet it has never been officially confirmed.

Is it just a myth, or has the prisoner really managed to escape? Is it possible that he has left clues in his cell that could help other innocent people to break out? Only those who pay attention to the details and who have a clean slate will be able to escape from the safest prison of that time.

One Team – one Mission – 60 Minutes


*from 7 persons or if the battlemodus is desired, please also book the second room “Alcatraz”.

Team size

2-6 Players

Maximum duration

60 Minutes



Helpful skills

Adventure, Fitness & Communication Skills

Minimum age

14 years without parents • 10 years with parents


2 Player each 34,50 | 3 Player each 27,50 | 4 Player each 25,50 | 5 Player each 23,50 | 6 Player each 22,50

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