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Final Escape Games Nürnberg

Learn how to play Escape Games!

A live escape game is like a detective game on a very high level. Starting off with a short introduction, your personal game master will talk you through the rules of your escape room. Mobile phones and other utilities will be left behind before your game – you won’t need them during the next 60 minutes. This is when your mission starts. In teams of at least 2, better yet 4 or 5 (depending on the room) you will start exploring your beautifully designed escape room. Anything could be a clue. Or a feint. You need to pay attention to every detail. There are no coincidences in our professional exit rooms. Work together, because only then will you be able to solve the task and get out. No special expertise is required to master our escape games. Attentiveness, logical thinking and persistence are the virtues that will pay off and lead you to success. And if you’re ever stuck somewhere, your game master will be happy to help you out with a hint. We want you to leave our adventure room with a big smile on your faces. Our ambition is to offer you the very best live escape games in Nuremberg!

1. Search & find

Form a group of up to 6 players. Enter one of our escape rooms and enjoy the detailed scenery. Take a close look around, there may be a clue hidden somewhere that will bring you closer to your goal.

2. Collect & Combine

You have to work as a team, everyone has to bring in their skills. Once you find clues, combine them and find a way to solve the puzzle. Sometimes you need a team member to find a matching counterpart.

3. The time is running

You against the time, 60 minutes for you to solve the puzzle and escape from the room. In case you get stuck, you can get support from your game master. Now choose your adventure in Nuremberg.

Any questions?

Here you’ll find answers!

Do I need to be exceptionally smart in order to play the escape games at Final Escape?

No. Our quests are challenging but were specially designed so that various kinds of skills come to bear. The more different the people in your team, the easier the escape. Beginners can start off with rooms of medium difficulty. And other than that, there’s always your game master with little hints.

Can I change time or number of people of my booking?

You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours before the start of your game, just call us or send us an email. Team events must be cancelled at a 7 days’ notice. Otherwise we have to charge cancellation costs – after all, we’re keeping that time slot free for you. The number of players can be extended at any time as long as the game’s capacities are not exceeded.Changes to the total costs will be charged at your arrival.

Are the games wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately not. Our rooms will often contain smaller stairs.

Which payment options are available?

Usually you pay online when booking, using one of several payment methods including credit card and PayPal. In case of last-minute bookings, you can also pay your bill on site in Berlin in cash or with EC or credit card.

Where can I find parking spaces?

There are plenty of parking spaces nearby, but parking fees apply.


Then find your adventure