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How it works
Final Escape Game

Learn how to play Escape Games!

After we welcome you and your team you can sit down in the lounge so that a game master can explain rules, safety measures, and everything else there is to know.
You don’t need to bring anything special; all your valuables will be stored in one of our boxes before you start the game – you’ll have to go without your smartphone for the next hour!
Although you can of course play our scenarios as a pair of two, there might be a slight advantage for those groups consisting of four or five members. Once you’ve started, scan your environment carefully, pay attention to details, and communicate with your teammates, tell them what seems suspicious, examine every hint thoroughly. Again – you don’t need any special knowledge to solve any of the riddles but persistence and teamwork can come in handy.

Moreover, not to forget that your game master is there to guide you, if necessary, by providing hints.

Our goal is to offer you the best escape rooms in Lübeck, so we want you to leave with a feeling of success and a need to come back with friends or family!

1. Search & find

There are riddles and hints hidden in every room, find and solve them, be thorough and creative – this will lead you to the solution!

2. Collect & Combine

Try to collect every item, hint and key and try to figure out how to use them. Teamwork will be helpful here!

3. The time is running

Be careful not to spend too much time finding and guessing, remember you only have 60 minutes to get out! This makes it even more important to work together closely so everyone can contribute his or her strong suits.

Any questions?

Here you’ll find answers!

Do I need to be exceptionally smart in order to play the escape games at Final Escape?

This is not the case, all riddles and tasks are designed in a way that they can be solved by combining different skills, the most important being – apart from logical thinking – communication and creativity in dealing with these riddles and tasks. Thus, it helps if the participants bring a variety of different skills with them. If you are stuck, your game master will help you out.
We recommend doing one of our moderately difficult scenarios for your first game.

Can I change time or number of people of my booking?

You can change the number of participants for single games easily when you arrive for your scheduled appointment, we’ll then change the price accordingly. Nevertheless you should still make sure to stick to the number of people determined by us for each of the rooms. You can cancel or reschedule the appointment free of charge up to 48 hours prior, please do so by either calling us or sending an e-mail. For any short-term cancellations we have to charge a cancellation-fee because employees are scheduled to work and we have reserved the time slot for you exclusively.

Are the games wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately we cannot yet offer scenarios that are accessible by wheelchair as the rooms have narrow passageways or stairs/ladders. We are happy to talk you through the possibilities our rooms offer via telephone.

Which payment options are available?

If you want to book an appointment online, you can pay immediately either via PayPal, “Sofortüberweisung”, or credit card. If you book spontaneously or via telephone, you can pay when you get here, either via card or cash.

Where can I find parking spaces?

Your best parking options are in the car park “Parkhaus Mitte” or “Parkhaus St. Marien”. Both car parks are only a couple hundred meters from our adventures.


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