Escape Room Die Abenteuer des Halblings
The Halfling’s Journey

The Halfling’s Journey

Let the journey begin..

A few hundred years ago, one brave halfling managed to slay the evil dragon Smog. This was only possible through collecting the most powerful artifacts of the kingdom, and using them to defeat the beast. All but two dragoneggs were destroyed, one was taken by the halfling, the other got lost over the decades. But now his brood has hatched and the kingdom again is in danger of being completely burned down. The only hope is the magic gear of the halfling. But he has become old and has no idea where in the chaos he left his house in he should find the artifacts. Also, his dragonegg is nowhere to be found. Can you manage to to retrieve all the artifacts, to give new heroes the opportunity to meet the dragons in battle again?

Team size

2-6 players

Maximum duration

60 minutes



Helpful skills

adventurousness, teamwork

Minimum age

14 years without parents • 10 years with parents


from 85€

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