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Operation Mindfall

Outdoor Game: Operation Mindfall

The IT company Spidertec is known for the innovative technologies it has been developing and bringing to people for decades. Past research on the company by the elite secret organization W.I.S.E. has shown that Spidertec was in close contact with the military a few years ago.
In order to find out more about this mysterious cooperation, agent by agent was assigned to the company. One day, information about a highly dangerous virus that controls people reached the skilled W.I.S.E. agents. However, luck was not on the agents’ side for long. Soon Spidertec was on the trail of their investigations. After an incident in the W.I.S.E. headquarters all agents have vanished without a trace.
Now only you are left! As trainees at W.I.S.E. the future of humanity lies in your hands. Can you find all the information about the virus and stop its worldwide spread?
This game takes place outside and you will have to walk a lot, so put on comfortable shoes. In rainy weather we can provide you with ponchos.
Please note: You will need a smartphone.
Team size

2-6 player

Maximum duration

120 Minutes



Helpful skills

spirit of adventure

Minimum age

16 years


2 player 60 € | 3 player 85 € | 4 player 110 € | 5 player 135 € | 6 player 160 €*

*All prices refer to the booking of single games. Different prices for team events from 20 participants!

Outdoor Escape Game Operation Mindfall
Outdoor Escape Game Operation Mindfall

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