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Magic Portal

Outdoor Game: Magic Portal

For a long time the portals to the magical world of fairys, goblins and monsters were closed to protect the human world. Each portal is shielded by a goblin guard to prevent the portal being opened ever again.
But a powerful wizard is trying to open the portals to spread chaos! He put a sleeping spell on the local goblin and opened the portal of Kiel.
Magical creatures are slowly returning to the human world.
Are you ready to get on an exciting adventure and close the portal to save the world?
This game takes place outside and you will have to walk a lot, so put on comfortable shoes. In rainy weather we can provide you with ponchos.
Team size

2-6 player

Maximal duration

120 Minutes



Helpful skills

spirit of adventure

Minimum age

8 years with adults | 14 years without adults


2 player 60 € | 3 player 85 € | 4 player 110 € | 5 player 135 € | 6 player 160 €*

*All prices refer to the booking of single games. Different prices for team events from 20 participants!

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