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How it works
Final Escape Game

Learn how to play Escape Games!

You don’t need to bring anything extra for our Escape Games, everything you need will be inside the rooms. Before we start, you can put all your staff, especially your smartphones into a locker.

Afterwards we welcome your group in our lounge and give you a short introduction into the rules of the game. Your personal Game Master will then lead you to the chosen adventure. Of course, you will get every safety information too, before we lock you up in our rooms.

Then your journey in another world starts. In teams of at least two, but better four or five players, you explore the escape room. Examine every detail in your surroundings, nothing should slip your attention. Is it an important hint? Or will this put you on the wrong track? All you need is to communicate very well with your team and to give a try to any idea. Try any combination, pay attention to the hints you fund, combine smart and logical. If necessary, your Game Master can give you a clue through off-screen voice. We want you to get out of our live escape game with great satisfaction. We want to offer the best adventure rooms around Flensburg!

1. Search & find

As soon as the door slams shut behind you, rummage everything attentive. You need to find all important items and hidden clues to find your way out.

2. Collect & Combine

Bring your skills together and combine every hint you found in every possible way. Who in the team will find the right solution this time?

3. The time is running

Your group against the time – 60 minutes to get out of the adventure. In case of there is no progress, you can receive support from your Game Master to finally get out of the room.

Any questions?

Here you’ll find answers!

Do I need to be exceptionally smart in order to play the escape games at Final Escape?

No, you don’t need to. Our tasks are designed to require the use of various skills. By focusing on team play, you will easily find your way out of our adventures. Groups always consists of people with the most different skills, meaning you will be able to come up with creative ideas that might help you to get out faster. Beginners should choose a moderate room. In case of doubt, your Game Master will help you with small hints.

Can I change time or number of people of my booking?

You can cancel or postpone your escape game by email or phone call up to 48 hours before the appointment. For team events we have a seven-day cancellation policy, meaning, you need to cancel your escape game seven days before your appointment. If you are not able to cancel your escape game in time, we have to charge cancellation fees.

Are the games wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately not. In our escape rooms we have stairs or corridors that are too narrow for wheelchairs.

Which payment options are available?

You usually pay upon booking by Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, credit card or PayPal. If you chose to play spontaneously, you can pay by EC-card or credit card at our spot in Flensburg right before the start of your escape game. Be aware that we cannot accept cash payment.

Where can I find parking spaces?

You can find us at: Süderhofenden 14, 24937 Flensburg


There are two car parks located nearby.


In the north:

Parkhaus City Süderhofenden, Süderhofenden 4-6, 24937 Flensburg


Parking will cost 2€ per hour, the car park is opened 24/7.


In the south:

Parkhaus Holmpassage, Holm 39, 24937 Flensburg


You will need to pay 1€ per 45 minutes. You will need to arrive before 12 pm because the car park will be closed until 7 am the next morning. Of course, you can leave whenever you like.


If you come by train, your walk from the train station will last not longer than 20 minutes. If you arrive by bus at the ZOB Flensburg, we are located just across the street.


Then find your adventure