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The Puppeteer

Live Escape Game – The Puppeteer

Escape the clutches of the evil puppeteer!

In the steampunk universe, the theatre enjoys a high status. The cultural offer is diverse, but the art of puppetry has a particularly high reputation. As cultivated lovers of contemporary puppet theatre, you come across a competition that promises free tickets for a unique show experience and entices with grand words. Naturally, you take part and only a few days later you find an envelope in your mailbox with golden tickets. The inscription announces that you have been selected. But for what?

Curiously, you go to the address given. There you are welcomed by a shady, hunchbacked figure who speaks of a “new form of puppetry” and guides you through dark corridors deep into the building. Finally, you are told that the performance will start in one hour and that you shall make yourselves comfortable, whilst being pushed into a dark room and hearing the door being shut close behind you. It quickly dawns on you that something’s not quite right here and you ask yourself whether you are supposed to be more than just spectators here…

Team size

2-6 players

Maximum duration

60 minutes



Helpful skills


Minimum age

16 years without parents • 10 years with parents


from 90€

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