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Prison Break

Live Escape Game – Prison Break

Breakout from a Stasi prison.

You were part of the Free German Youth, read Marx and Engels and have always been good GDR citizens. Pictures of Honecker and Lenin adorned the door frames of your living rooms. But your upbringing to become socialist personalities failed.
For half a year you have been plagued by doubts. You long for freedom and the big wide world. That’s why you decided to flee the GDR. For months you have been planning your crime together. In a house cellar you start digging a tunnel to finally fulfill your dream of a self-determined life in the West. But shortly before the border crossing you are caught and arrested by the Ministry of State Security.  Who or what has betrayed you is unclear. But it is clear that there will be no prospect of freedom now. On the contrary, you will be taken to jail where maltreatment, humiliation and a lot of self-doubt await you. But the situation is not completely hopeless. After all, you’ve almost made it once. And perhaps this time you will succeed in your escape into freedom…
Team size

2-5 players

Maximum duration

60 minutes



Helpful skills


Minimum age

16 years without parents • 10 years with parents


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