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Welcome to Final Escape Kiel!

Centrally located near Alter Markt you will find our new and exciting escape games. Flee from prison, steel a work of art or help Sherlock Holmes..choose one of our challenging missions and prove that you are a real team player who can improvise and solve the mystery!

All first time players are more than welcome to come and try out this new and innovative leisure time activity. All the games can be played in either English or German and you don't need any prior preparation or knowledge of escape games before playing, however thinking "outside the box" and enjoying solving puzzles will definitely help you to come further.

You can play in teams of 2 - 5 people and you will receive an introduction to the game you have chosen by your Game Master before the fun starts: 60 minutes of adrenaline fueled action. Search for clues, solve the puzzles, guess the riddle, find the exit and above all work as a team. You can then relax in our lounge after the game with a cool well deserved drink whilst our Game Master reviews the game with you.

All Available Games in Kiel

Larger groups can contact us to book simultaneous games. For spontaneous appointments please call us: +49-(0)431-90898117.